dinsdag 12 november 2013

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Remember my really excited post about the EMA's? No? Well read it here.
Anyway as you guys know the EMA's this year were in Amsterdam and I did an audition for some tickets. 

Yes, it sounds insane I know haha. Now here's the question. Was it worth it or not?

The doors of the Ziggodome, were the EMA's were held, were open at 7. So of course we went there early. I took the train of 13.21 from the trainstation of Schagen and came around 14.20 at Amsterdam Central station were we met at the lovely and addictive Starbucks, of course I bought something again....
Argh Starbucks, why are the drinks at your place so delicious?

After that we took the subway to Bijlmer Arena which is nearby the Heineken Music Hall, were the red carpet was, and the Ziggodome. Home of the EMA's 2013.

So around 14.45 we were finally arrived at the Ziggodome and showed our tickets to the security guards. I felt sorry for them, they just stand there the whole day from something like 10 in the morning till 8.30 in the evening. They must've been frozen. Oh yeah, it was also raining and cold, really cold. It was 9 degrees or something like that, I guess winter is coming sooner then I would've wanted.

At 7 in the evening we finally could go inside, finally. There was this huge, seriously massive line behind us so everyone started to puss. I've never been so happy to get out of a line in my entire life, my god, I almost got claustrophobic. No joke. 

Inside the atmosphere was way more chilled down than outside, perhaps it had something to do with the cold and huge line, but I'm just guessing. 
So we walked into the Ziggodome, it was the second time I was inside this huge place, but my god it's really huge! We had floortickets so we were spotting good places and eventually stood at a nice place nearby the place where the artists were sitting. 

After a few people, Levi van Kempen and some other guy, who pumped up the crowd in a good mood, the show started. It was what I waited for, probably, my entire life. I'm sure that the baby me would've loved this show already. 

The show was amazing. Amazing performances, amazing artists and amazing presenters. Eminems performance was seriously epic, no other words then that. It's amazing how a legend as he performed in front of a huge crowd like it was nothing, of course he has done it a billion times but I'm still nervous sometimes for a presentation in front of 25 people. No mistakes, he rapped like crazy, I didn't understand his words because it went to fast, but the atmosphere in the crowd was amazing.

Miley was great. She's an amazing singer who has grown up. People forget sometimes that she isn't that young Disney girl of eleven any more. But Miles, you were great!
Bruno you too, 30 seconds to mars and the killers also. Robin Thicks performance was fun, especially when Iggy joined in. Katy Perrys unconditionally was amazing. And Icona Pop was the last performance live in the Ziggodome.

Red Foo was a really fun presenter so was Ariana Grande, damn girl you've got a big voice!

I can go on for hours, but I think you guys understand already that I loved every single piece of the EMA's of 2013.

Of course we were hungry afterwards like we didn't eat for months, so Burger King thank you my love. Your food was a pleasure for my tummy at that moment.

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  1. Wonderful experience, lucky you!



  2. oh very nice experience!!

  3. Super pictures !!!
    I envy you that you were there ....hehe
    Regards !

  4. So cool event ^^
    Lucky you


  5. I remember the post! great event!


  6. You're so lucky! It looks like such an exciting event xx


  7. Have a nice weekend