zaterdag 16 november 2013


Hello every, lovely, amazing reader. I just want to make a quick announcement.
I'm moving my blog. Yes! I am. Not deleting, but MOVING. So no worries:)

 From Blogger I'm going to Wordpress. And with Wordpress I'm having my own domain, which is going to be this:

It's going to take about a week until my new site is completely done and from then it's going to be amazing. Wordpress has a way better and good looking lay out, at first. Then second it just works great, way easier and the blog is going to be a lot prettier.

Besides that, the different pages are actually going to work on my new site and the blog is way more clear and easy to use for you guys. I mean you  guys are my followers and readers, so are you going to change with me from Blogger to Wordpress? That would be amazing.

I will keep you guys updated during this week on Facebook and Twitter. So don't forget to follow me here and yes here.

Thanks again guys, and I will see you guys within a week on my real and only domain,



dinsdag 12 november 2013

Other | MTV EMA's

Remember my really excited post about the EMA's? No? Well read it here.
Anyway as you guys know the EMA's this year were in Amsterdam and I did an audition for some tickets. 

Yes, it sounds insane I know haha. Now here's the question. Was it worth it or not?

maandag 4 november 2013

OTHER | Insane happiness

First of all thank you guys for every reaction on my other posts, it means a lot. But that isn't the only thing that's part of my happiness. 

Yesterday I went to the Ziggodome in Amsterdam with a good friend of mine. What could you do there, I hear you guys say. Well there were auditions.What kind of one? 

Screaming auditions.