maandag 14 oktober 2013

TRAVEL | Holiday

This is one of the best places I could imagine for a holiday. Seriously. The baby blue ocean, the white long beaches, beautiful sunsets and sundowns, gorgeous culture and buildings, friendly people and amazing nature. 

There's one word for that. Perfect. Not more and definitely not less.

Take Madagascar for example. An amazing beautiful island with a lot of places what are still undiscovered. Amazing isn't?

That's one of the main reasons Madagascar is standing high on my-places-to-visit list. I have always been the person who adores nature and the one that wanted to watch every single nature documentary.

One of the other reasons why I want to visit Madagascar so badly is because of the movie. I always wanted to know if the animals there are the same as in that movie, you know with the talking and stuff. 
Okay, no, not really. I mainly want to go there because of the nature and the history of the island. 

When I look at the pictures in this post it kinda makes me wonder why I just don't do it then. Oh right, I need to pay for my drivers license, a part of college and I'm saving for the summer of 2014.  

Well. Then I just keep on dreaming, there's nothing wrong with that.

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  1. Such beautiful trees! xxx

    1. They are perfect aren't they?
      Thank you for your reaction, it means a lot:)