zondag 20 oktober 2013

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While everyone is getting excited over the Isabel Marant and H&M collaboration, which is absolutely amazing of course, I was mainly focussing on another collaboration.

Ever heard of Minju Kim? No? Well now you do and I'm telling you, don't ever forget this name. She's a keeper.
After winning the H&M Design award the Belgium designer from Korean foreign saw her winning collection at the H&M site. And the sale went fast, which I quite get by the way. 
If you see the designs on the catwalk you would probably think at first something like this: 'Wow, it's definitely unusual that's for sure.' 

It's not only unusual to be true. If you have a good look of the items than you would understand that there's a true beauty in those items. No wonder that the jury of the H&M designaward chose this belgium talent to be the winner. Not that the other eight talented designers aren't good, because otherwise they wouldn't have been nominated, but her collection was just a different collection. 

Unfortunately my student budget doesn't allow me to spend lots of money on clothing. But hey, I can always stare and drool at the pictures of the collection with a large bucket under my mouth.

Argh I've got such a tough student life, gosh have some compassion please?

Pictures from blabberbuz

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