dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

NEW | fluffyness

Warm, soft and fluffy are the three perfect words to describe this sweater.
They are also the three words I need when I go searching for new autumn and winteressentials.

Oh and since I'm a student, which means that I'm not very rich, so I like clothes that are in my kind of price what I definately did with this sweater. So where is the sweater from? 'Probably no Primark', you might say, it actually is from the new wintercollection of the Primark and I actually am in love with a few items.

I absolutely love this sweater and since I'm a bit ill and the sweater is a bit in a boyish style (with a baby pink colour, but nobody gives a damn about that, I hope haha), it's the perfect sweater for all kind of days. 
For chilly days, for freezing cold days, days when you just don't feel like wearing any clothes that are tight and days when you just feel like you're in the mood to wear a babypink sweater.
More about the sweater in a brand new blogpost of an look with the babypink fluffy Primark sweater soon on the blog!

So what does everyone think of the fluffy babypink sweater? 

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