zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

LOOK | Comfy chillin'

It's the time of daydreaming, listening to music and studying at the same time. Yes women can do more than two things at the same time guys. 

Because it's that time again I hardly do anything then wake up, get some breakfast and lock myself up in my room for a few hours. While I'm sitting there I try to study, yes try because it's so damn hard to concentrate sometimes. 

In these times the outfits that I wear aren't high fashion outfits, not at all actually. They're just really comfy. Why would I wear a skirt and heels when I'm not even getting out of the house? Yeah I know, that just doesn't make sense at all.

And since today was one of that days again I decided to capture that moment of how I look when I'm tired and moody after some die hard learning sessions.

And we just end the pictures with a dark mysterious picture what I totally wanted that way. No. It was just a picture what failed.

Jacket  ONLY
Trousers  STEPS
Sneakers  VANS
Sweater  H&M

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