vrijdag 27 september 2013

TRAVEL | London and the vagabond

Londontown oh Londontown, my little gorgeous creature, what would I do without you?

So I guess everyone understands my last sentence. 
What’s up with that? 
You might think. Ehm there’s no other explaination than it’s probably about my true love. London! 
But correct me if I’m wrong.

So London what do I like about you? And most importantly why do I like that about you?

Okay London, let’s be honest, you are a big and busy guy full of tourists who are annoying sometime by the way! (And I was probably one of them, but who cares? Not me.)London you’re also the place of the singing hippies gathering together everywhere. And the place of the crazy vagabonds underneath a bridge who are singing towards you and if you don’t respond quickly they’re going to run after you for a while and don’t stop singing. It’s quite hard actually, singing and running at the same time, you should try it once. 

No? That’s okay, sooner or later you’re going to do it anyway, no just kidding. Anyway I didn’t know my condition was that bad, but let’s say that I didn’t make it very far with trying. I quitted after probably something around, ehm I guess 30 meters not more, probably less but hey now it might seems something.
It’s quite scary sometimes when they’re running behind you and sing while all you want to do is run for your life with a hairy and dirty man behind you. 

Oh I got a little tip for that, just turn around very quickly and stare at them for a while, trust me they’re gone in a finger snap. Okay no, that was mean, but they’re annoying sometimes and get on my nerves. They need to know their limits which is kind of hard for some of them unfortunately. Not all of the vagabonds are like that of course and after all is being chased by a singing and running vagabond a good memory to put on your  before-to-die list.

I seriously got so lost in my memories of the experience of a London vagabond that I didn’t even told you guys what I like exactly about London besides the big tourist things. So I guess there needs to come a London part 2 post and to be honest I’ve got no problem with that.

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  1. Aah now I want to read the next part!
    Love the blog! And your last name lol