zondag 22 september 2013

LOOK | 'Le cool amour'

'Le cool amour', right, French? Yes! So am I in France? Well, I'm not exactly in France, but the weather is a bit the same as in the North of France. And some people can speak French over here, but they don't eat snails here, just sayin'.

You guys are curious right now, aren't you? Well that's a good thing, being curious is a good thing and make people curious is just fun to do. Especially when you know what your going to write next and know where you are, that's also kind of helpful in life. 

I really made you guys curious, didn't I? Okay let's be honest, I'm not in France. I'm 339 kilometres away from France to be honest. 
Okay. I just say it. Right. I'mstillathomeweretheweatherisexactlythesameasinFranceandwedon'teatsnails.

Alright, sorry I was just teasing you. Next time I'm going to be honest. I really want to go to France soon by the way. Paris is such an gorgeous city, I think exactly the same about Nice and Lille. I still want to make a roadtrip through France. I think that there are so many things not discovered in that country (probably in any country, but France just speaks to me in a different kind of way). 

The blue, long skirt is in my opinion still very wearable for the winter, it refreshes your wardrobe by adding a bright colour. It's different what I really like for this skirt and if I just wear it with long socks or tights in the autumn and winter than the cold isn't a problem. It has two splits by the way what I never saw before in a long skirt, when I spotted the second split I almost went crazy (in a good way). Anyway, to make a long story short, I really like this long skirt. 
What do you guys think of the skirt? Do you like the bright, blue colour? And the two splits?

And thank you again, every single one of you for reading my posts it means a lot. Leave a message if you want to and enjoy the rest of your day:)

Jacket  -  ONLY
Sweater -  MANGO
Skirt -  H&M
Shoes  -  H&M
Bracelet(Broken necklace) -  H&M
Necklace  -  PRIMARK

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