vrijdag 20 september 2013

LOOK | Easypeasy

University and early mornings, right, what should I wear? That's one of my almost daily questions.
Okay, the first thing I was thinking was 'easiness' and the second thing was 'warmth.' Both important qualities for this time of the year. When time passes by in this time of the year it's only a matter of time for the moon to shine. Every evening it gets darker, yeah well duh you might think. But now it isn't even dark at 19.30, well wait around three weeks and it's dark at 18.30... It's unfortunately the same in the morning and because of that I rather stay in my bed sometimes. Especially when it's cold, windy and snowing outside, but probably around 90% of you feel the same about this. 

So, let's continue, where was I? Right, the look for today! Okay, so it's basically very easy and simple but in my opinion it makes the outfit better. So what do you guys think? I really want people to be honest though, so don't think about stuff too much. Don't be scared to say things what could help people to become better at what they want to do:)

In these pictures I combine this outfit with a red clutch as everyone can see, but as you guys probably know out of your own experience, bringing a clutch to university would be weird since all the stuff you need for that day don't fit in it. So I didn't brought that one with me of course, that would've been totally useless and wouldn't make any sense.

The loafers are really comfortable what I wasn't really expecting since their from Primark, but hé apparently Primark has sometimes a few good items every season. First the Karl Lagerfeld bag, now the loafers, it's almost to good to be true haha. Oh I also like the accessories from the Primark by the way, very cheap but than it doesn't matter if it's going to break within three months.

Jacket  -  ZARA
Trousers -  RIVER ISLAND
Shirt  -  H&M
Loafers  -  PRIMARK
Clutch -  PRIMARK
Necklace  -  PRIMARK
Watch  - CASIO

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