woensdag 18 september 2013

LOOK | A day off

Since I'm in University like I told you guys in my introduction post, I have some days off every now and then, just like today. My schedule for University is different every week, so is my spare time. 

So before I forget to tell you guys, I'm going to post three times a week and sometimes more if I've got more time. The postingdays could be different every week, a good excuse to look on my blog and read the other posts again.

Any way, yes the title says a day off and that's exactly what I've got today. It's kind of a chilly day with rain, no wind, but lots of rain.So enough time to pick some outfits for this blog and picture them.

Did anyone of you guys had some trouble with blogger either? Because it was terrible at my place! I couldn't post for over an hour because there was something wrong. Don't ask me what, because I really, but really don't know :) But I was writing this post and suddenly it was gone, twice in a row! It was insane, I could almost cry. Which I secretly did, but mouth shut about it haha.

Anyway, here's finally your deserved post and thank you, every single one of you for passing by and supporting me. It means a lot:)

Since it's a rainy and chilly day I searched for something stylish, classy, but above all warm. 

The red sweater is one of my favourites for this winter. You're asking me why? Well, that's kind of simple. Just because it's warm. I mean you really need some warm sweaters for every winter which are good looking and fit nice.
I've got a blouse with stripes underneath the sweater, the blouse just adds that little extra to the outfit.
These trousers are by the way so comfortable that I can sleep in them. Which I don't do, just saying. 

And the coat, god that coat! This coat and the bag are my babies. Seriously, the coat is warm and classy. It's vintage, so that's probably were the classy is coming from. And the bag is just fun with Karl Lagerfeld on it as a dog and besides that it's just a bag what you take with you every single day. The best thing about these two items is easy, they were not expensive at all. So as I told you guys the coat is vintage, but the Karl Lagerfeld -as-a-dog-bag is from the Primark, they also got the Anna Wintour version just in case you were wondering.

And last but not least my true and loyal friends, all-stars. I'm addicted to them, no doubt about it. They are just so comfy and adds that street feeling to any look you're wearing.

Oh and if it's bothering anyone of you, I'm sorry for the laughing face at some pictures. I just had to much fun while shooting these pictures.

Coat - Vintage
Red sweater - H&M
Striped blouse - Monki
Trousers - Steps
Shoes - All-stars
Bag - Primark
Accessories - Primark


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