zondag 15 september 2013

Introduction: The Dutch countryside

Hello every lovely reader,

you guys must wonder who is the Dutch countryside and since I just started this blog I think you guys need a introduction of me. Who am I exactly?

Well, I'm Manon van Schagen, born on June 25th in 1994 in a little village called Zijdewind. For the Dutch people between us who are probably thinking something like this: " Zijdewind? Where the hell is that place? Never heard of it before." Zijdewind is a little village in Noord- Holland between Heerhugowaard and Schagen.

My family exists out of my mum and dad, my two older brothers and our twelve year old cat named Tiger.

Since I'm nineteen and we're living in a time where the only job you're going to get without an education is in a supermarket I decided to go to university. I'm currently busy with my university in Amsterdam. I'm studying Media, Information and Communication and I'm in the second year now.

This is the introduction for so far, if you've got any questions feel free to ask:)


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