zaterdag 16 november 2013


Hello every, lovely, amazing reader. I just want to make a quick announcement.
I'm moving my blog. Yes! I am. Not deleting, but MOVING. So no worries:)

 From Blogger I'm going to Wordpress. And with Wordpress I'm having my own domain, which is going to be this:

It's going to take about a week until my new site is completely done and from then it's going to be amazing. Wordpress has a way better and good looking lay out, at first. Then second it just works great, way easier and the blog is going to be a lot prettier.

Besides that, the different pages are actually going to work on my new site and the blog is way more clear and easy to use for you guys. I mean you  guys are my followers and readers, so are you going to change with me from Blogger to Wordpress? That would be amazing.

I will keep you guys updated during this week on Facebook and Twitter. So don't forget to follow me here and yes here.

Thanks again guys, and I will see you guys within a week on my real and only domain,



dinsdag 12 november 2013

Other | MTV EMA's

Remember my really excited post about the EMA's? No? Well read it here.
Anyway as you guys know the EMA's this year were in Amsterdam and I did an audition for some tickets. 

Yes, it sounds insane I know haha. Now here's the question. Was it worth it or not?

maandag 4 november 2013

OTHER | Insane happiness

First of all thank you guys for every reaction on my other posts, it means a lot. But that isn't the only thing that's part of my happiness. 

Yesterday I went to the Ziggodome in Amsterdam with a good friend of mine. What could you do there, I hear you guys say. Well there were auditions.What kind of one? 

Screaming auditions.

woensdag 30 oktober 2013

LOOK | Back to black

The weather gets worse every single day. It's dark at 6 o'clock what's kinda depressing because I'd like to think sometimes that when it's dark I need to lay in my bed. What results to an extremely tired me or in mornings when I need to wake up at 5.30 I rather stay in bed just a couple of minutes extra... No, not a smart decision Manon, you might think. And I know that, but when it's dark, cold, rainy and windy outside it's so hard to get out of your warm and comfortable bed.

Argh first world problems!

zaterdag 26 oktober 2013

LOOK | Comfy chillin'

It's the time of daydreaming, listening to music and studying at the same time. Yes women can do more than two things at the same time guys. 

Because it's that time again I hardly do anything then wake up, get some breakfast and lock myself up in my room for a few hours. While I'm sitting there I try to study, yes try because it's so damn hard to concentrate sometimes. 

In these times the outfits that I wear aren't high fashion outfits, not at all actually. They're just really comfy. Why would I wear a skirt and heels when I'm not even getting out of the house? Yeah I know, that just doesn't make sense at all.

zondag 20 oktober 2013

Other | Collaboration

While everyone is getting excited over the Isabel Marant and H&M collaboration, which is absolutely amazing of course, I was mainly focussing on another collaboration.

maandag 14 oktober 2013

TRAVEL | Holiday

This is one of the best places I could imagine for a holiday. Seriously. The baby blue ocean, the white long beaches, beautiful sunsets and sundowns, gorgeous culture and buildings, friendly people and amazing nature. 

There's one word for that. Perfect. Not more and definitely not less.

woensdag 9 oktober 2013

LOOK | Autumn ready

Oh dear autumn, you are gorgeous as hell. With your beautiful leaves in all sorts of colors what creates a special kind of feeling when you're walking through the woods or the streets.
Or crashing by the fireplace with a hot cup of chocolate, a blanket and some nice romantic comedies. 

maandag 7 oktober 2013

OTHER | 20/20 experience

Okay, so first thing first: 'I'M GOING TO SEE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!'
You might've noticed a bit of happiness in that sentence and you're completely right. It's insane how annoyed I was when I was in the line for the tickets. I was almost at the page were I could order the tickets and guess what happend?

Yes I got placed in the back..I got that same thing when I wanted to order Beyonce tickets this February, it's just not fair. I eventually did go to the concert and I'm still thanking my friend, and at the same time my neighbour, often for the tickets. I guess I only have bad luck with ordering concerttickets.

vrijdag 4 oktober 2013

LOOK | The classy Ramones

I went to a meeting last week. An important part of a meeting is dressing up. Not to classy and at the same time not to much 'street' in the outfit of that day.
So that's exactly what I did by combine a Ramones shirt with a classy blazer from an amazing designer.

dinsdag 1 oktober 2013

NEW | fluffyness

Warm, soft and fluffy are the three perfect words to describe this sweater.
They are also the three words I need when I go searching for new autumn and winteressentials.

Oh and since I'm a student, which means that I'm not very rich, so I like clothes that are in my kind of price what I definately did with this sweater. So where is the sweater from? 'Probably no Primark', you might say, it actually is from the new wintercollection of the Primark and I actually am in love with a few items.

vrijdag 27 september 2013

TRAVEL | London and the vagabond

Londontown oh Londontown, my little gorgeous creature, what would I do without you?

So I guess everyone understands my last sentence. 
What’s up with that? 
You might think. Ehm there’s no other explaination than it’s probably about my true love. London! 
But correct me if I’m wrong.

So London what do I like about you? And most importantly why do I like that about you?

zondag 22 september 2013

LOOK | 'Le cool amour'

'Le cool amour', right, French? Yes! So am I in France? Well, I'm not exactly in France, but the weather is a bit the same as in the North of France. And some people can speak French over here, but they don't eat snails here, just sayin'.

You guys are curious right now, aren't you? Well that's a good thing, being curious is a good thing and make people curious is just fun to do. Especially when you know what your going to write next and know where you are, that's also kind of helpful in life. 

vrijdag 20 september 2013

LOOK | Easypeasy

University and early mornings, right, what should I wear? That's one of my almost daily questions.
Okay, the first thing I was thinking was 'easiness' and the second thing was 'warmth.' Both important qualities for this time of the year. When time passes by in this time of the year it's only a matter of time for the moon to shine. Every evening it gets darker, yeah well duh you might think. But now it isn't even dark at 19.30, well wait around three weeks and it's dark at 18.30... It's unfortunately the same in the morning and because of that I rather stay in my bed sometimes. Especially when it's cold, windy and snowing outside, but probably around 90% of you feel the same about this. 

So, let's continue, where was I? Right, the look for today! Okay, so it's basically very easy and simple but in my opinion it makes the outfit better. So what do you guys think? I really want people to be honest though, so don't think about stuff too much. Don't be scared to say things what could help people to become better at what they want to do:)

woensdag 18 september 2013

LOOK | A day off

Since I'm in University like I told you guys in my introduction post, I have some days off every now and then, just like today. My schedule for University is different every week, so is my spare time. 

So before I forget to tell you guys, I'm going to post three times a week and sometimes more if I've got more time. The postingdays could be different every week, a good excuse to look on my blog and read the other posts again.

Any way, yes the title says a day off and that's exactly what I've got today. It's kind of a chilly day with rain, no wind, but lots of rain.So enough time to pick some outfits for this blog and picture them.

Did anyone of you guys had some trouble with blogger either? Because it was terrible at my place! I couldn't post for over an hour because there was something wrong. Don't ask me what, because I really, but really don't know :) But I was writing this post and suddenly it was gone, twice in a row! It was insane, I could almost cry. Which I secretly did, but mouth shut about it haha.

Anyway, here's finally your deserved post and thank you, every single one of you for passing by and supporting me. It means a lot:)

zondag 15 september 2013

Introduction: The Dutch countryside

Hello every lovely reader,

you guys must wonder who is the Dutch countryside and since I just started this blog I think you guys need a introduction of me. Who am I exactly?

Well, I'm Manon van Schagen, born on June 25th in 1994 in a little village called Zijdewind. For the Dutch people between us who are probably thinking something like this: " Zijdewind? Where the hell is that place? Never heard of it before." Zijdewind is a little village in Noord- Holland between Heerhugowaard and Schagen.

My family exists out of my mum and dad, my two older brothers and our twelve year old cat named Tiger.

Since I'm nineteen and we're living in a time where the only job you're going to get without an education is in a supermarket I decided to go to university. I'm currently busy with my university in Amsterdam. I'm studying Media, Information and Communication and I'm in the second year now.

This is the introduction for so far, if you've got any questions feel free to ask:)